Friday, October 21, 2005

Learning styles: Help or hindrance?

There is a meeting with this title on 10 November 2005 at the University of London (UK) Institute of Education. The speakers are Prof. Frank Coffield, Kathryn Ecclestone and David Moseley who recently authored interesting reports for the Learning and Skills Development Agency. "Only one of the thirteen models of learning style we examined was found to fully meet our criteria for reliability and validity. Does this matter? Despite weaknesses in all of the most popular models, the promotion of learning styles as a way to transform learning continues apace. Can these models still help us to improve the quality of teaching and learning?" For more info on the seminar contact:
You can download both the reports from - search on publication reference numbers 041543 and 041540.
(Phot by S. Webber: Red Devil apple on my tree, Oct. 2005)