Monday, December 05, 2005

Creating Knowledge IV: Call for papers

There is a call for abstracts of papers and presentation for the Creating Knowledge conference IV: "Empowering the Student through cross-institutional support with focus on collaboration between library and academic support" which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 16-18, 2006. My colleague Bill Johnston is one of the keynote speakers - the others are Patricia Senn Breivik, Jude Carroll, Birgitta Hansson and Hans Siggaard Jensen.

It is organised on behalf of NORDINFOlit the Nordic Association on Information Literacy, by The Forum for Library User Education under the auspices of The Association of Danish Research Libraries. Co-organizers are Danish Network for University Pedagogy (, a grassroot initiative of university teachers with intentions to develop the quality of
university education and teaching.

"The organizers of this conference would like to emphasize and support the idea of a learning conference. This indicates that participants will be engaged in networking and active participation during breaks, sessions and workshops. Traditional paper presentations are most welcome, and presentations of good practice will definitely also be valued."

Abstracts must be submitted by February 1, 2006. Chosen papers and presentations must be submitted by May 1st. Registration deadline is June 15th 2006. The conference website is at:

Photo by S. Webber: White agapanthus and blue jacaranda petals, Sydney Australia, Nov. 2005