Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some recent Information Literacy articles

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Johnson, A. M. and Jent, S. (2005) "Library instruction and information literacy – 2004." Reference services review, 33 (4), 487-530. (This is the *big* annual annotated listing of information literacy articles, though it does miss quite a lot of things outside the USA)

McDermott, D (2005) "Library instruction for high-risk freshmen: Evaluating an enrichment program." Reference services review, 33 (4), 418-437.

Ondrusek, A. et al (2005) "A longitudinal study of the development and evaluation of an information literacy test." Reference services review, 33 (4), 388-417.

Snavely, L. (2005) "Visual Images and Information Literacy." Reference and user services quarterly, 45 (1), 27-32.

(Photo by S. Webber: Copper beech, Sheffield, Dec. 2005)