Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another IFLA call for papers - ending now, so hurry!

A third session at IFLA 2006 is going to have an information literacy focus (frustrating, as I am unlikely to be going this year!) IFLA World Library and Information Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea, 20-24 August 2006. The call for Papers is on the Theme, Information Literacy for the Knowledge Society. Division VIII of IFLA (Regional Activities) invites proposals for papers on any aspect of Information Literacy as it affects the growing Knowledge Society in the regions of Division VIII, i.e. Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean.

Contributions can seek to address aspects of Literacy, Information Literacy, the Digital Divide and the Knowledge Society. Papers may be research-based or evidence-based, may deal with theory, 'best practice', institutional frameworks and management, curriculum and delivery, evaluation and review, etc. Proposals in the form of a working title, abstract of 150 words (max.), name and affiliation of author(s), and an email contact address should be sent by 11 January 2006 [which is today already in New Zealand, but as this only just got posted out to the listserv where I picked it up, I assume there may be a few days slack] to: Professor Gary Gorman, Secretary of Division VIII, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, Email: gary.gorman@vuw.ac.nz