Thursday, February 16, 2006

Swedish workshop on pedagogic methods in libraries

If I guess correctly there is a workshop being run in 3 places on this topic, namely: Bålsta on 20 February, Skövde 27 February and Falun 25 April (in Swedish) organised by the Swedish Library Association's special interest group on library education, and I think this is based around their new book on teaching information literacy "Tänk om…! pedagogiska metoder i biblioteket."
"Workshop om pedagogiska metoder i biblioteket. ... Styrgruppen för Svensk Biblioteksförenings specialgruppen för bibliotekspedagogik vill för deltagarna levandegöra några av de pedagogiska metoder, som presenteras i skriften "Tänk om…! pedagogiska metoder i biblioteket." Vi kommer att belysa sex olika metoder mot bakgrund av konceptet informationskompetens."

Photo by S. Webber: Mariestad, near Skövde, April 2005.


Ola Pilerot said...

Hello Sheila, I just want to confirm that your guess is correct, we are going on a small tour which is based around our book on pedagogical methods for teaching IL. I understand that you have figured out that the book's subtitle translated into English is "pedagogical methods in the library". The head title is a bit trickier to translate: "Tänk om!" could be understood in at least three different ways: "rethink!" or "imagine if" or "bear in mind"

By the way, I reckognize those ducks;)
Best whishes

Malin said...

Hello Sheila, after the first day on tour (I wonder why we don't have an on-tour-t-shirt) I can tell we are rather satisfied - the day in Bålsta turned out to be well timed and interesting!

Best wishes