Friday, March 31, 2006

IL talks online

In looking for the Libraries support learning etc. documents mentioned in my previous post, I came across audio files from the Scottish Learning Festival SETT 2005 (held in September, for school teachers etc.). There was a session on information literacy, including a talk from Dorothy Williams on Libraries Supporting Learners and from Joyce Kasman Valenza on Spreading the Gospel of Information Literacy - How Do We Get the Kids to Care? I just listened to the start of Dorothy's audio file and once you get past the start (chair introducing speaker in background, someone opening a bottle of sparkling mineral water in the foreground) it is nice and clear. Actually, I suppose it must have been Dorothy opening the water.
- click on the Information Literacy session (or any others that take your fancy ;-)

Anyway, the actual Libraries supporting learners document can be found at

Photo by S. Webber, March 2006.

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