Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Libri online

The journal Libri now makes its articles available free online after 12 months, with an online backfile going back to 1999. There have been a number of articles related to information literacy e.g. "Information Literacy and Quality Assurance in South African Higher Education Institutions by K. de Jager and M. Nassimbeni." Vol. 55, No 1, March 2005.

When I try to download the pdfs I get some errors - don't know if this is a general problem. The website is at Tip: the onsite search function is not that good. You might want to try going to Google and searching on your search term within the domain e.g. "information literacy"

(added shortly afterwards) Just noticed that an article in the current issue (vol 56 no 1, March 2006) looks interesting, since there aren't so many articles about IL in public libraries anywhere, though you need to be a subscriber to get access at the moment, obviously "The Information Literacy Education Readiness of Public Libraries in Mpumalanga Province (South Africa)" by Genevieve Hart.

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Ola Pilerot said...

Hi Sheila, I just wanted to say that I tried the other day to access those articles in LIBRI that you mention, but I had the the same trouble. I couldn't download the pdf-files.
Ola P.