Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spanish information literacy blog

Hola to a new information literacy blog in Spain, in Spanish, ALFIN: Alfabetización informacional. José Antonio Gómez Hernández. Unfortunately my Spanish doesn't extend that far beyond "Hola" so I can't tell you too much more about it.
I think this blog also has an entry describing a double blog (one blog in Catalan and one in Castillian Spanish) dealing with IL in secondary education Alfabetització informacional (ALFIN) en l´educació secundària and Alfabetización informacional (ALFIN) en la educación secundaria

Photo by S. Webber added on 25th May: Back from a few days holiday in Madrid, including a little trip to Aranjuez, a short ride on the train. The palace gardens are famous (as in de Falla's "Nights in the gardens of Spain") and this is a fountain in the Jardin de la Isla. Except because of water restrictions, it is a fountain with no water...

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