Monday, June 19, 2006

Panning for Gold

Am getting my breath after the conference ... by walking on the beach here at Yeppoon, which is a rather pleasant way to do it. I've also discovered where to plug my memory stick in the internet/book shop computer... (see below) ... so on with the postings. On Thursday at the conference Sylvia Edwards launched the book which is based on her doctoral work. It’s:
Edwards, S. (2006) Panning for gold: information literacy and the net lenses model. Adelaide: Auslib Press. ISBN 1875145605. Price $55 Australian plus postage and packing. The Auslib Press website is at

Sylvia undertook phenomenographic research into the ways in which university students approach internet searching. She identified four categories, with information searching seen as 1) looking for a needle in a haystack; 2) finding a way through a maze; 3) using the tools as a filter; 4) panning for gold. Her book describes her research journey, the phenomenographic approach to research, and the ways she has applied the research in her teaching (e.g. in assessment and in devloping an online environment), as well as the research outcomes. On the right, Sylvia is pictured with the book. You can access some of Sylvia’s papers online on the Queensland University of Technology website (where she is a lecturer),_Sylvia.html

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