Monday, July 03, 2006

Lindt cafe and shop

There's been an interruption in my postings as I've been spending the weekend on holiday in Sydney (I'm now in Brisbane again ready for the ANZIIL IL symposium tomorrow). As a sort of public duty I feel I must interrupt the flow of IL related items to report to fellow chocaholics something I discovered for the first time on this visit to Sydney, namely the Lindt cafe and shop at 53 Martin Place, Sydney (near the channel 7 TV building). A Lindt Opera cake is something to be experienced, likewise the peanut butter Lindor balls and the 99% (99%!!) cocoa Excellence chocolate bars (see right for part of the display). Though it must be said that Max Brenner (, cafes in Sydney and Melbourne) has the edge when it comes to dark chocolate mocha drinks.

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