Sunday, August 13, 2006

Information literacy on youtube

Whilst on for the posting below I searched information literacy, as you do, and found I-N-F-O-L-I-T: literate's the way to be! I will just say it appears to involve librarians at a library conference jumping up and down with pompoms (do check it out yourself). It's wonderful that information literacy is there at all ... but ... perhaps this is a wake-up call to start populating youtube with alternative videos about IL???? Anyway, you can also search e.g. on "public library" and find a hotchpotch of items, including some posted by what appear to be authentic public libraries.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Agapanthus in Mason's Regenecy jug, photoshopped contrast, Aug 2006.


Joolz said...

Marvellous. There is a lot that can be done with pom poms.

Michael said...

I am sitting here at the Reference Desk watching this. My student worker came up, looked at the pom pom librarians, and said "I think librarians have too much time on their hands."

How can I top that?

Megan said...

My video! :) Glad you found it, even if the whole debacle/cheer was horrifying and awful in a very special "funny-to-librarians" sort of way.

Sheila Webber said...

Feel a bit embarrassed about criticising the pom-poms now