Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Knowledge Economy (AND NOT information literacy)

A new report this month from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council is:
Clayton, N. and Hepworth, M. (2006) Public Libraries in the Knowledge Economy. London: Local Futures Group. I did my usual "information literacy" search through this document, followed by a very hasty scan - but no, unfortunately it looks like information literacy hasn't been identified as important to the knowledge economy in this document. The main focus is on information and training services for business, with ICT matters mentioned specifically.

One of my areas is still Business Information so I'm still going to look at the report because of that (and there are some useful examples and case studies), but it's a pity that information literacy skills seem to have been nefglected. The full report is at http://www.mla.gov.uk/resources/assets//P/

Photo by Sheila Webber: Autumn anemone, August 2006.

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