Friday, September 08, 2006

IL and the Bologna Process

The Bologna Process is harmonising Higher Education in Europe mainly in terms of the process (e.g. time taken to get a degree and how many credits you get), the aim being more mobility, for example. The UK is not taking nearly so much notice as the rest of Europe, it must be said, partly because it already has the 3 year undergraduate degree that is advocated (at least, it does outside Scotland). Anyway, outside the UK there are a good number of meetings and so forth, including ones for librarians.

UNICA held a seminar Trends in Education and Research: Developing Skills & Communication across Europe in May 2006 in Helsinki. It included summaries of IL in Nordic and in Southern European countries, and a presentation on the Bologna Process and IL at the University of Helsinki, plus some groups in the breakout sessions focused on IL. The PowerPoints are on the website:

Photo by Sheila Webber: Another Red Devil apple, September 2006.

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