Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Work based learning

The Higher Education Academy published a report in June:
Nixon, I. (2006) Work-based learning: illuminating the higher education landscape. York: HEA.
"the study focused on learning which accredits or extends the workplace skills and abilities of employees. In effect, from an employers’ perspective, we are talking about workforce development – the upskilling and reskilling of an organisation’s employees. The provision [...] that encompasses such learning includes Foundation Degrees, undergraduate programmes (part-time), taught and research postgraduate programmes (part-time), and short courses."
It doesn't mention information literacy, but I think an interesting thing is to work out if/how information literacy would fit into the models, case stdies and characteristics discussed. I'm thinking also of the example of my Swedish colleague Ola Pilerot, who ran an in-house information literacy course for a large Swedish company (as mentioned in the workship he and I did in Stockholm, see previous blog entry)

Photo by Sheila Webber: the "Sheila" rose in my garden (the bush was a present from my friend Jane)

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