Thursday, October 19, 2006

Informacijska Pismenost

I am at the conference Information Literacy between theory and practice: the role of academic and special libraries is being held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 19th October 2006. It is the 2nd Joint Conference of Special and Academic Libraries. This morning I spoke at this conference, and yesterday to students at the University of Ljubljana. I have also been struggling with a bad throat infection for a week, so I am rather glad that the presentation is now behind me! Slovenian colleagues here have been very hospitable and sympathetic and it is also a beautiful city to visit.

There are about 170 librarians and library/information academics at the conference, mostly from Slovenia. The day began with introductions and a refreshing short performance from a classical string duo. Zdravka Pejova was the first speaker, giving an overview of global associations and developments. Her talk was in Slovenian, but I could recognise names etc; she used the CILIP definition of information literacy and also mentioned this weblog!

An interesting publication produced this year is the following, which has been distributed to ministers, university chiefs, Chambers of Commerce and so forth in Central and South East European Countries:
Pejova, Z., Catts, R., Ticha, L. and Dombrpvska, M (Eds) (2006) Achieving an Information Society and a Knowledge-based Economy through information literacy: proposal for an Information Literacy platform and action plan for Central and South East European countries. Ljubljana:ICPE.

All for now. The conference website is at:
Photo by Sheila Webber: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Oct 2006

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