Monday, April 09, 2007

500 postings

water feature
This makes 500 postings on this new blog, which started in September 2005. Sometime I will get round to adding some of the more durable postings from the old Information Literacy blog (April 2003-May 2005).

You may have noticed that I started using tags a while ago. I have done a little bit of retrospective indexing, but I haven't gone right back. When I've done that I will change the template and add a list of tags into the side panel. As you may realsise, you can already click on a tag at the foot of the entry and retrieve any of my postings with that tag (e.g. click on the tag weblogs & you get all the postings which have some connection with blogs). Obviously you can also search for any word in the text of the blog using the search function at the top left of the page.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Water feature, Sheffield Station, April 2007.


Kate said...

I love the water feature on Sheffield statino. Sometimes, arriving from London in the morning, it really lifts my spirits.
In the evening it sort of turns blue.
A bonus for the London - Sheffield commute

Sheila Webber said...

Yes, I didn't think it looked that good in the "artist's impression" beforehand, but I really like it now it's there.