Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Blogosfera para os Profissionais de Informação

I have been invited by Julio Anjos to tele-present via WebEx at a Portuguese conference A Blogosfera para os Profissionais de Informação (The Blogosphere for the Information Professional) taking place on 29 May 2007. It is taking place at the Escola Superior de Estudos Industriais e de Gestão, Instituto Politécnico do Porto (School of Industrial Studies and Management, Oporto Polytechnic Institute). Very interesting-looking presentations, but then I wouldn't be able to understand most of them (not speaking Portuguese) even if I was attending physically rather than virtually. For those of you who can speak Portuguese, the information is at As you will gather, my presentation will be in English, so I will report on my experience on or after the 29th!
Photo by Sheila Webber: The chestnut trees are starting to blossom in Weston Park.

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