Monday, April 02, 2007

Christine Bruce at LILAC

Obviously I've got some catching up to do, blogging a couple more of the LILAC sessions from last week. Christine Bruce (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane) was one of the keynote speakers. She talked inspiringly about the transformational value of information literacy, and she also discussed some of the models generated through research, including her famous "seven faces" model. Here are some links that cover some of the material she mentioned.

Concise description of the Seven Faces, on her website: Seven faces of information literacy in higher education (and obviously in lots of other publications too, including her book: Bruce, C. (1997). The Seven Faces of Information Literacy. Adelaide: Auslib Press.).

Bruce, C and Edwards, S L and Lupton, M (2006) "Six Frames for Information literacy Education." Italics 5 (1).

Hughes, H. (2006) "Responses and influences: a model of online information use for learning." Information research, 12 (1). (Reflective online information use model, and Model of responses and influences in online information use for learning)

Middleton, M., Bruce, C., Partridge, H. and Edwards, S. (2006) "Developing a research culture and scholarship plan in information studies," in Lloyd, A.e and Pymm, B. (Eds.) Research Applications in Information and Library Studies Seminar: RAILS 2. 11-22. Charles Sturt University Centre for Information Studies, Wagga Wagga, NSW. Eprint available at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Dusk approaching the City Business District, Brisbane, Australia, July 2006.

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