Thursday, June 21, 2007

A presentation from yesterday

I have uploaded a presentation to Slideshare indicating how I have used the findings from our project investigating UK academics' conceptions of information literacy & teaching IL. It contains some bullet points concerning ways I've used it with students, librarians and academics. This was one of the presentations from the seminar yesterday. The slides are on this page.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Me in the Travel Inn here. In the background is a strange purple painting that appears to be in every Travel Inn room, at least all the ones I've been in recently - unless the picture's following me around in a spooky manner? I find it difficult to believe anyone could buy one copy of it, let alone hundreds. It must have been very cheap.

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Hentilaggets said...

Hi Sheila,

You are being followed by a piece of purple and gold 'corporate art' which is meant to serve as a "tasteful reminder of a company, its product(s), and its services" (see
PS: Thanks for the really informative presentation in Glasgow