Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog her and Bloggers cafe

I have registered for the Second Life (SL) version of the Blogher conference, an annual event held in the US that focuses on women & blogging. The Real Life event takes place 27-28 July 2007 in , and the SL version (with some original events and some streamed into SL) 27-28 July in the Hyperstring conference centre. You can register for either event at the Blogher website, but the SL is free ;-) The Blogher website contains (as you might expect) a huge listing of blogs by/for women & discussion fora.

I'm pictured here in SL as Sheila Yoshikawa, standing next to my photo in the Bloggers' cafe. In fact the photo in the cafe links to this blog, so I think I'll need to add a permanent link here to my SL blog. The Bloggers Cafe has a web equivalent at, where the aim is to develop e.g. a wiki about educating in SL, although there isn't a lot there yet apart from some thoughtful posts about education on (what else) the Bloggers Cafe blog.

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