Tuesday, July 17, 2007

IL: whose job is it?

Yesterday there was a session held in the USA: Information Literacy Redux: Whose Job is It? given by Cerise Oberman (Dean of the Library & Information Services
State University of New York at Plattsburgh) It was an ELI Web Seminar Discussion .

There is Oberman's ppt and also a transcript of the chat session that took place afterwards. This latter has the problems of chat (e.g. different people asking questions at the same time) and there are more questions than answers in it. However, there are also a few useful resources mentioned and some additional opinions.

In the ppt, Oberman draws on the latest Horizon report and the ETS report (both already mentioned on this blog) for info on trends and student behaviours. She also mentions ACRL standards etc. to identify in the end that essentially it is everybody's job: librarian; faculty; learning technologists; regional accrediting agencies; state university systems; schools ("K12"); business and policy makers - and the student's job, obviously. So it is what one might expect, but interesting to see the case put together. It is on the Educause site at: http://connect.educause.edu/library/abstract/

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