Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Information Literacy 2.0

Peter Godwin alerted me to this and he's probably going to blog it too: Peter's blog is Information Literacy meets Web 2.0 at http://infolitweb.blogspot.com/

Kimmo Tuominen, of the Finnish Parliamentary Library, gave a keynote at the Making a difference: moving towards Library 2.0 conference held in Helsinki in May. The talk was called Information Literacy 2.0 and in it he explains his take on Web 2.0 and what this means for information literacy.

I think he does make the assumptions about people's existing concept of Information Literacy. His ideas on "Information Literacy 2.0" seem to me to fit in fine with my ideas of "Information Literacy 1.0" since I would include all kinds of information & information channels in my existing definition and I know some other people would too. Nevertheless, interesting, and I liked his slides on "sociotechnical filtering solutions". The pdf of the presentation is here.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Orchid in my office. I never thought it would bloom again, but it likes the natural light in this office I moved into in February.

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