Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Social software

The newly published article in the IFLA Academic and Research Libraries newsletter asks "Social Software – is enough, enough?" I'm not sure whether Stephen Marvin really answers his own question, but it's a useful article. He starts by summarising Steve Abram's view of "generation we", goes on to review more sceptical reaction (e.g. from Andrew Keen author of recently-published The Cult of the Amateur**), and then provides brief descriptions of some key web 2.0 products like youtube, livejournal, Second Life, including some useful links & references.

Marvin, S. (2007) "Social Software – is enough, enough?" Academic and Research Libraries newsletter, (39) 11-16. http://www.ifla.org/VII/s2/pub/s2-newsletter-July07.pdf (this is the web address for the whole issue)
**You can find an extract of Andrew Keen's book via his blog http://andrewkeen.typepad.com/
Photo by Sheila Webber: Tour de France, which I saw going past on Sunday,near Charlton (South London).

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