Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A student on why students are resistent

Apologies for slight gap in entries - have been on holiday in Madrid. Anyway, there's a really interesting post on the CILASS student blog (well, of course there are actually lots of interesting posts, I'm just picking on this one) in which Tim Fiennes, outgoing student CILASS ambassador, reflects about why students are resistent to groupwork and "skills" (including learning about information literacy) but how in the end you see they are useful.

He concludes .... "I’ve just realised that I could actually sum ALL of that up with “students will be happier to engage with IBL [inquiry based learning] if they understand the benefits of doing so” " ....but it's the thinking-through of various points that is interesting. Tim has just graduated with a BA in Politics and Philosophy.

Photo by Sheila Webber: I have been attending graduation ceremonies, this was taken last Wednesday after the ceremony that included our BSc Information Management students.

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Christine Irving said...

Thanks for this Sheila - I'm sure this student insight will be of interest and use to a wide range of people as it probably reflects a large percentage of not only higher education students thinking but most other people as well.