Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Survey of plagiarism penalties

This was published last month:
Tennant P., Rowell G. and Duggan F. (2007) Academic Misconduct Benchmarking Research Project: Part I: The Range and Spread of Penalties Available for Student Plagiarism among UK Higher Education Institutions. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: JISC PLagiarism Advisory Service.
It identifies that "The regulations that recommend penalties for plagiarism among higher education institutions (HEIs) vary substantially throughout the UK .... almost a third of HEIs use guidelines that fail to advise academic staff which penalties are appropriate for particular cases." Certainly when there ISN'T consistency and clear guidance within a university it can be problematic (I hasten to add we have a policy here at Sheffield, although guidelines are being clarified further: I think it has to be an ongoing thing).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Rose (perhaps "Peace"?), Firth Court, Sheffield, July 2007.

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Hazel said...

no "perhaps?" about thta one - it's Peace alright.