Sunday, August 12, 2007

German book on "teaching library"

From Thomas Hapke's blog (link on the right) I see that there has been a new book published about the "teaching library", in German, namely:
Krauß-Leichert, U. (Ed.) Teaching Library: eine Kernaufgabe für Bibliotheken. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2007. I'll translate the title as Teaching Library: a key responsibility for libraries.
The book contains chapters on: introducing the concept; identifying current developments; looking at the library's role in an e-learning context (this chapter is by Thomas himself); standards and models of information literacy; planning for teaching and incorprating library instruction in the curriculum; learning to teach; IL at the university of Konstanz; thoughts about pedagogy. (NB as I said, this is German-language: If you want to order it I recommend
Photo by Sheila Webber: Spanish sandals in the sun in Sheffield, Aug 2007.

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