Wednesday, August 15, 2007

US higher education survey results

Interesting article online in the latest College and Research Libraries news - results from a US national student survey:
Gratch-Lindauer, B. (2007) "Information literacy-related student behaviors: Results from the NSSE items." College and Research Libraries news, 68 (7).
"In the November 2005 C&RL News, the Institute for Information Literacy’s College Students Surveys Project Group1 reported their activities and progress in developing information literacy-related items to be included on the 2006 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) as experimental items. Ten items were included and administered to 12,044 students at 33 institutions on the 2006 NSSE." Unfortunately actual tables are not in the onlinbe version, though you can email the author to request them. Still, the narrative explains that there were some positive correlations between high scores in some of the library/info literacy items and the student satisfaction/acievemnt items. "The findings are very encouraging and overall support modest to high significant positive relationships between the two information literacy scales and eight scales derived from NSSE items, particularly among seniors with gains in practical competence and general education."

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