Sunday, October 14, 2007

Information Literacy Cookbook

A new book on information literacy from UK authors has been published:
Secker, Jane; Boden, Debbi; and Price, Gwyneth (eds). (2007) Information Literacy Cookbook: Ingredients, Recipes and Tips for Success. Chandos. ISBN 1843342251.

"This book, aimed at an international audience, provides an overview of information literacy (IL) in practice; what it is, why it’s become so important in the library profession and demonstrates how librarians can cultivate a better understanding of IL in their own organisations. It uses the ‘Cookbook’ theme throughout to provide a more informal approach, which will appeal to practitioners, and also reflects the need to provide guidance in the form of recipes, tips for success, regional variations, and possible substitutions if ingredients aren’t available. " There is more information here
Photo by Sheila Webber: Bicycle festival in Madrid, October 2007.

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