Friday, December 28, 2007

More quality enhancement

Penny Beile just added a comment to my November 14th entry with some useful information - I'll highlight it in this main post as it might otherwiese get overlooked. This is a link to the entry and comment. Penny mentions the University of Central Florida's initiative in adopting "information fluency" as a SACS quality enhancement plan project. The website is at and contains their plan, objective, progress and resources. It also has some general information about information fluency. I found the list of 2007-8 projects particularly interesting (section: 2007-2008 IF Enhancement Grant Recipients) - there might be ones of interest to academics here at Sheffield.

Penny also draws attention to Public Services Quarterly (vol 3, issues 1/2, 2007) which is also published (in that way Haworth have as The Teaching Library: Approaches to Assessing Information Literacy Instruction. The introduction, by editor Scott Walter, is "Telling the Story of the Teaching Library". There are 9 articles about assessment approaches in various North American institutions, including one about the University of Central Florida (assesssment in this case means assessment of student learning and evaluation of teaching programmes). Public Services Quarterly is a priced publication: you can find free abstracts on Haworth (the publisher's) website at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Crowd and betting ring, Lingfield Park racecourse, December 2007.

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