Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Online Conference

I'm not attending the Online conference currently taking place in London, but it's being blogged by others, of course. I was particularly interested in the perspective of Roo Reynolds, someone from outside the core information field (he is with IBM, as a metaverse evangalist : a phrase I feel no shame in using now as I think I'm one too). Reynolds has written a very detailed posting about some of Tuesday's sessions at You can also find Karen Blakeman's presentation Searching without Google on her blog at and various people are blogging on the conference and exhibition on the Information Today blog: I used to go to Online every year (for about 20 years, ahem) but now I haven't for a couple of years and I think I'm now OK with participating vicariously. Next year they ought to have a Second Life track (I mean in SL): I was going to suggest it this year, but too much work already.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Konstanz, Germany, November 2007.

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