Thursday, December 06, 2007

Talk on IBL and SL

I have finally uploaded the presentation from last week to slideshare. This was the talk I gave at Strathclyde University on 29th November. The main focus was on Inquiry Based Learning: firstly I talked about what it was and how it was different from problem based learning (since the starting and/or finishing point are less fixed than with PBL).

I moved on to talk about the Centre for Inquiry Based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences (CILASS), which is based at Sheffield University, with some examples of some modules that have carried out IBL activities with CILASS support. I mentioned the level 1 module Inquiry in Information Management (new last year), where I am part of the teaching team, and in particular I talked about the activity in Second Life with my first year Information Literacy class. The stage the students have reached now is interviewing Second Life residents about their information behaviour, by the way. The presentation is at

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