Sunday, May 18, 2008

LOEX presentations

The main US conference on information literacy, LOEX, has taken place and there are powerpoints and other material on some of the presentations at
I will just pick a few out - not quite at random - but certainly there was a good deal of interest on the LOEX webpage!

We Go Together: An Integrated Information Literacy/English Composition Learning Community by Val Ontell, Instruction Librarian, San Diego Mesa College. Very detailed account of the integration - including various bits of documentation and the students grades! There is the ppt and a copy of the syllabus.

Nine Thousand Freshmen; One Common Foundation by Leslee B. Shell, Joseph Buenker, and Julie Tharp, Arizona State Univesity Libraries. Includes a presentation and an instructor guide. "In this breakout session, librarians from two ASU campuses will describe how they worked with an instructional designer to create an interactive component on academic integrity that could be taught in both online and face-to-face formats." There is a link in the presentation to a narrated Marcomedia Breeze presentation on academic intergrity at
in which you can hear Buenker and Sjhell in person.

There was a session on usin wikis for information literacy and accompanying wiki at (you need a password, and I guessed it - um, think of the name of the conference ;-)

In Pamplona I was talking about our own Information Commons at Sheffield and there is an interesting collection of material at
relating to the presentation Learning Infused Libraries: Honest Talk About What It REALLY Takes to Create a Learning Commons given by Laura Baker, Library Learning Commons Coordinator, Abilene Christian University Library

I also noticed Lesson Study: Building Better Lesson Plans through Teamwork and Revision by Marija Freeland and Shevon Desai, University of Michigan and Eric Frierson, University of Texas at Arlington. "Lesson Study is a method of developing lesson plans that involves collaboration and creativity. It is an iterative process in which teacher-librarians brainstorm, discuss and implement lesson ideas, try them out, then come back together to revise and rethink the lesson." At the moment I am reading some articles about the lesson study approach, since I am planning to use variation theory (facilitating students' understanding of a subject through experiencing the subject from different perspectives) in our new Education for Information Literacy module, and the two educational literatures seem to be connected.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Arty reflection in a shop window in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, May 2008.

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