Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some recent articles of interest

Harris, B. (2008) "Communities as Necessity in Information Literacy Development: Challenging the Standards" Journal of academic librarianship, 34 (3) , 248-255. "Contemporary standards suggest that information literate activity is a solitary process. As a corrective, research and pedagogical theories related to “learning communities” and “communities of practice” have become valuable sites of inquiry for librarians. The author provides strategies for making community a topic of instruction."

Jacobs, H. (2008) "Information Literacy and Reflective Pedagogical Praxis. " Journal of academic librarianship, 34 (3) , 256-262. "Drawing on discussions within Composition and Rhetoric, this article examines information literacy pedagogy. It considers how academic librarians can work toward theorizing our profession in such a way that we may ask new questions of it and foster creative, reflective, and critical habits of mind regarding pedagogical praxis." A North American focus. I like her subheading "thinking outside the rubric".

Korobili, S., Malliari, A. and Christodoulou, G. (2008) "Information literacy paradigm in academic libraries in Greece and Cyprus." Reference Services Review, 36 (2), 180 - 193. "The purpose of this study is to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of Greek librarians regarding information literacy programs and their preparedness for such programs. ... Most libraries do not deliver information literacy programs, but some kind of library instruction."
Photo by Sheila Webber: Copper beech leaves, June 2008

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