Friday, July 25, 2008

Social networking resource on Netvibes

For the ARLIS conference workshops I was running yesterday in Liverpool I created a set of pages, Social Networking, using Netvibes. This enabled me to put together feeds from blogs etc, links to websites, a couple of tools like web and video search boxes, some embedded items and boxes of text for explanations etc.
The pages are at
I identified social networking tools as ones which had been primarily designed for social interaction and sharing - so I excluded Web 2.0 applications like wikis which are more focusd on collaboration, and blogs which from the start were not only social networking tools. There is a general page with some general information and links, then a page each on Microblogging (e.g. Twitter), Facebook etc, and virtual worlds (the latter page has "entrances" to 2 Google Lively rooms and then just a couple of links to do with Second Life - I don't see SL as just a social networking tool either).
Any feeedback on the Netvibes pages welcome. I'm not sure at the moment whether I'll keep them up to date or not, but I think the various links there should work for a while yet.
Photos by Sheila Webber: The conference was at Liverpool University, opposite Penny Lane (as in the Beatles song)

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Sheila Webber said...

By the way - if the address doesn't seem to work - it should NOT have a slash at the end. By mistake I put one in first time. I corrected it within a few minutes - but you might get the original version cached somewhere
It should be