Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blogging: and spam

Last Thursday I (as Sheila Yoshikawa) led a discussion in Second Life (the virtual world) about blogging in Second Life. The chatlog (transcript) is here: http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=316 and this is a picture of the discussion. Most of the people there were bloggers, including some with Second Life blogs. Some more general points came up e.g. about using blogs for projects, and a couple of people found their blogs to be useful evidence of what they were doing. I briefly discussed a tool that can be used to blog directly from SL (http://www.bloghud.com/ ).

On another blogging note: The number of spam comments submitted to this blog have increased lately (I think there would be a great deal more if I didn't moderate the comments: spammers generally go for the easier non-moderated targets). There are some "blogs" which consist entirely of spam, and I just draw attention to this one because it has evidently mangled one of my posts to create spam. Search Google for "Sheila Webber: Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen" (the photo I used in my posting) and you will find the original entry and the entry in the spam blog (I don't want to create a link to it directly!) There is no blog author name, so I suppose I should complain to Wordpress to get it and its semi-plagiarised content taken down. It may be that the author is misusing their digital or information literacy skills to create some sort of personal gain - though I'm not really clear what kind of gain....

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