Thursday, August 07, 2008

Caribbean workshop

In June I published a photo from the workshop (30 May-1st June) organised by the University of the West Indies Department of Library and Information Studies and the University Library, Mona, in collaboration with UNESCO’s Information for All Programme (IFAP) aimed at introducing librarians from the Caribbean region to techniques for developing information literacy skills and programmes. It was part of the UNESCO Information Literacy Training the Trainers (TTT) Workshop Series - see and the following was reported after the session.

There were 25 participants - library professionals from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA. They represented public library networks, school libraries, teachers colleges, university libraries, special libraries and other institutions such as the Jamaican Ministry of Education and the Office of the Utility Regulation. The training sessions were delivered by Professor Fay Durrant, and Dr Cherrell Shelley Robinson of the UWI Dept of Library and Information Studies, Mrs Norma Amenu Kpodo, Mrs Verna George and Mrs Karlene Robinson of the UWI Main Library, Mona, Professor Forest Woody Horton, Project Leader, Mrs Barbie Keiser, Information Consultant and Mrs Vanessa Middleton of the American University, United Arab Emirates.

A key output of the Workshop was the action plans developed by working groups and individuals, to implement Information Literacy Programmes in their organizations. Participants identified the scope and content of their programmes in relation to the needs of the members of their organizations, the relevant standards and models, partnership with specialist organizations, expected outcomes, and evaluation of impact. Prizes for the best presentations were awarded to, Jessica Lewis (Jamaica) and Gemma Lashley (Trinidad and Tobago) and Erica Davis and Cheryl Farquharson (Jamaica). This workshop was a satellite activity of the XXXVIII Annual ACURIL Conference and is expected to result in the development of Information Literacy programmes in the participating institutions, and the establishment of Information Literacy Clubs.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Great Keppel Island, Australia, June 2008

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