Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Information Literacy articles

Numerous interesting articles in the latest issue of Libri. Only subscribers have access to the latest year (, after that they go on free access ( Vol 57, issue 3 includes:
- Cheuk, B. Delivering Business Value through Information Literacy in the Workplace
- Toledano O'Farrill, R. Information Literacy and Knowledge Management: Preparations for an Arranged Marriage
- Martzoukou, K. Students' Attitudes Towards Web Search Engines - Increasing Appreciation of Sophisticated Search Strategies

The new issue of Communications in Information Literacy has also been issued
This is freely available on the web at The articles are:
Birmingham, E. et al First-Year Writing Teachers, Perceptions of Students’ Information Literacy Competencies, and a Call for a Collaborative Approach
Hautala, R. and Miyagishima, B. Teaching Near The Edge of Chaos: Dynamic Systems, Student Choices and Library Research
Andretta, S., Pope, A. and Walton, G. Information Literacy Education in the UK: Reflections on Perspectives and Practical Approaches of Curricular Integration
Harvey, P. and Goodell, K. Development and Evolution of an Information Literacy Course for a Doctor of Chiropractic Program
Photo by Sheila Webber: Sheffield, October 2008.

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