Sunday, October 26, 2008

L'education à la culture informationnelle: Conference Report 2

I might as well continue by linking to my own conference keynote from this conference, (16-18 October held in Lille, pictured here on the first evening): Information Literacy: and international concept. In this presentation I firstly provided evidence for the development of Information Literacy in key areas that can be seen as evidence for an emerging subject area or discipline. Secondly I highlighted some activities or resources in the areas of: health, business, citizenship and education. Finally, I identified some issues for debate. The PowerPoint is on Slideshare at

I used the notes field in my PowerPoint (mainly because they were being translated into French to help people more of an idea of what I was saying). These are not on the Slideshare file: I am aiming to write them up infor a short paper. However, I will give some of the links that were in the notes - actually perhaps I will spread it over a few days or this will be a huge post. Here is the first batch:
Associations (examples)
ANZIIL: Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy
Chinese Information Literacy Association (Taiwan)
CILIP Information Literacy Group (UK)
European Forum for Information Literacy
ENSIL: European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy
National Forum on Information Literacy (USA)
NORDINFOlit, a Nordic Information Literacy Forum
Working group Information Education and Information Literacy (Czech Republic)

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