Monday, November 03, 2008

Information Literacy week at Sheffield

Last week we had an information literacy week here at Sheffield University. It was organised by the Information Literacy Network, which consists of people from my Department (Information Studies), the library, and the Centre for Inquiry Based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences.

Part of the week involved us blogging about the week and about our experience on Sheffield's Good Practice blog, which is a blog in which the focus is on the learning and teaching experience at Sheffield. At the moment you can just go to the home page of the blog and browse through the last entries:

For later consumption; I started off by saying why I though information literacy deserves more than a week, and also about a Second Life meeting about information Literacy, Maria Mawson talks about getting large groups engaged, Pam McKinney blogged about her information literacy journey, Sheila Corrall talked about information literacy and employment (plus a summary of an event we had) , Lyn Parker about information literacy and Web 2.0, and Vic Grant about the role of information literacy in employment (health sector perspective).

There are many entries from University of Sheffield staff and students on the Good Practice blog (about learning and teaching), and you might well find it interesting to browse further. I will probably blog about a couple of the individual activities from the IL week here as well.
The illustration is a mindmap created by a student group, showing the value of information literacy in their future work (see Pam McKinney's blog post about this activity) - thanks to Stanley Keng, Nick Nicolaou, Swastik Synki, Anna Nibbs and Luciana Santas.

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