Friday, April 17, 2009

Instituut for Media and Informationliteracy (IVMI)

Apologies to Peter den Hollander for not blogging the information he sent me earlier. He told me about his institute in the Netherlands, Instituut for Media and Informationliteracy (IVMI). He wrote "My Instituut has developed online courses about information literacy for teachers. Teachers learn in my courses how they can make a 'information literacy task' for students. The theory is based on the Information Search Process developed by mrs Carol Kuhlthau. In 6 steps the teacher learn about how they can learn students to find there information on the internet efficiently and effectually. The Instituut gives online courses, but also workshops and training. Furthermore the Instituut has developed a online tool for (young) students with which they can find information on the internet following the 6 steps of information literacy." Not surprisingly, most of the information is in Dutch.
The Institute website is at
The online tool is at

Photo by Sheila Webber: Duck, boat, blossom, canal; Amsterdam April 2009

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