Wednesday, April 08, 2009

LILAC conference: Sheffield University

There was a good participation from Sheffield University at the LILAC conference, and I might as well trumpet that here. I gave a symposium about Information Literacy in Second Life (together with Vicki Cormie, Lyn Parker, Marshall Dozier and Denny Colledge). I intend to blog that separately.
Three of the five free student places were taken by students on our MA Librarianship programme: Samantha Abrahams, Susan Clayton and Katie Fraser. Another one of my students, George Davies, also came down for the day to collect data for a mini-project that he and another of my "Information Literacy Research" module students are doing: asking delegates "What book, article or web resource do you think has been the most inspirational for your teaching and learning philosophy?" This parallels a study done at the US "LOEX of the West" conference, so they will be comparing results.
Students from outside our Department participated at LILAC, as the CILASS student film team had produced a film about students and information literacy: the session from Alison Bestwick, Claire Taylor, Adam O’Leary and Tanya Murphy was called The reality of information literacy: does Joe Student actually understand what’s going on?. This will be on Youtube and I will post the address when it goes on.
My colleague Sheila Corrall and CILASS’ Pam McKinney ran a session on Exploring Information Literacy through inquiry. Finally, we had two posters: Pam McKinney compiled one on our information literacy week, and Claire Scott (Library) and Bob McKay (School of English) provided one on An information Literacy intervention in the School of English at the University of Sheffield using IBL workshops.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Tulips in a Radford vase, March 2009

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