Friday, April 24, 2009

Mobile phones

In yesterday's Second Life event, Marshall Dozier highlighted Peter Godwin's talk at LILAC Apparently one of the items he mentioned was a New Zealand study:

Twiss, T. (2008) Ubiquitous information: An eFellow report on the use of mobile phones in classrooms to foster information literacy.
There is some review of literature and a report into a study of teachers and pupils in New Zealand. Whilst the possibilities for using mobile phones in teaching are highlighted, it is interesting to read the caution about use of mobile phones expressed by students themselves e.g. not wanting to have their personal device become a school item that had to conform to school standards (e.g. appearance) and concerns about increased bullying via texts. The author notes some of the false assumptions about pupils as (information literate) "digital natives" that are made by teachers.

Photo by Sheila Webber: To the horizon, Netherlands, April 2009

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