Saturday, June 06, 2009

IL assessment instruments

The ili-l discussion list threw up a link to a site that was prepared for the 2008 Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education Annual Conference in Las Vegas by Penny Beile. It describes some "information literacy or IL-related assessment instruments", namely:
Internet and Computing Core Certification - IC3 (Certiport)
Information Literacy Test - ILT (James Madison University)
International Computer Drivers Licence - ICDL (Australian Computer Society)
iSkills (US Educational Testing Service)
Beile Test of Information Literacy for Education - B-TILED (University of Central Florida)
Information Literacy Initiative (Canada)
Cited References Rubric (University of Central Florida)
Literature Review Rubric (University of Central Florida)
Information Literacy Exercises Assessment Rubric (New Jersey City University)
Portfolio Assessment: Information Literacy Rubric (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Go to The links to the paper itself and to the sites for the instruments are on the right of the page.
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