Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Information Literacy and IT Fluency

There is a podcast, and article with an extract of the text, on the subject of Information Literacy and IT Fluency in higher education, in Educause review (vol 44 no 3, May/June 2009).
Sandy Schaeffer, Michael Fry, Barbara Draude, and Gail Matthews-DeNatale (who are mostly from the IT side in universities, plus one of them is a professor) are the members of the round table. The table of contents for the issue (it is free) is at
and the pdf of this article at
There is a link to the podcast from the web version of the article.
One quote from Schaeffer: "There have been discussions about, "Will the faculty member be relevant as we move into the future?" ... I think the faculty member is more important than ever before, to help guide the student through that process of making sense out of all this. I've had a complete flip of that mindset. We could just turn students loose and say: "There's this vast world of information. Sally forth and become knowledgeable." We all laugh at that. The issue is not, of course, that we have a shortage of information. The shortage is in how to make sense of the information in a way that's meaningful at a level congruent with higher education."
Photo by Sheila Webber: Nettle, Hellingly, May 2009

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