Friday, June 26, 2009

Information Literacy in Second Life

On 19th June 2009 (last Friday) I gave a presentation/ demonstration Information Literacy in Second Life, together with Vicki Cormie and Denny Colledge. I uploaded it to slideshare and have embedded it below: the first part was put together by me and the second by Denny. This is the description I put onto Slideshare "This was presented at the 2009 CoFHE (Colleges of Further and Higher Education group of CILIP) conference, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, 19 June 2009. Additional notes have been added for this version. The presenters were: Sheila Webber (Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield); Vicki Cormie (Senior Academic Liaison Librarian at St Andrews University); Denny Colledge (Information Skills Librarian at Edinburgh University). The first part of the presentation briefly introduces SL and its use in education and for collaboration, then provides a few thoughts about supporting information literacy, finally indicating some tools and models for IL in SL. The second part of the presentation provides a snapshot of activity on the Edinburgh University SL campus and Denny Colledge's involvement. The actual presentation had a lot of demonstration of SL!

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