Monday, July 27, 2009

Lesotho: Training the Trainer in Information Literacy

There is a training course for faculty and librarians from five local tertiary institutions at the Lesotho College of Education, Lesotho: Training the Trainer in Information Literacy on 1-3 September 2009. I think this is a capacity building course following on from INASP supporting someone from the College attending the TTT event in Cape Town.

By teh way, while I was unsuccessfully searching for more substantial information about the event I came across the followingpaper, which does not really discuss Information LIteracy, but it does have interesting material on learning styles etc. of adult learners in African countries:
Manthoto, H. (2007) Promoting Information Literacy: Lessons from Education and Lifelong Learning. Paper Presented at Sub Saharan Regional Colloquium on Information Literacy; 29-30 April, 2007.

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