Friday, October 30, 2009

Coverage of Information Literacy Awareness Month

One of my students used a recent article as the subject for a review they submit (so thank you, Akanksha) and it is one of a number that shows that US librarians are taking advantage of US Information Literacy Awareness Month to get in the press. This article is
Small, R.V. and Arnone, M.P. (2009) Information literacy is essential for the 21st Century. 23 October.
(this is the website of the local newspaper)
Doing a quick Google news search on "information literacy" obama I quickly found a number more e.g.
Bridges, F. (2009) Information literacy more than just Googling. (Journal Courier online)13 October. (interview with Sharon Weiner)
Westport news. (2009) Parsing information. Westport news. 23 October.

Photo by Sheila Webber: in my garden, earlier in the month.

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