Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sophie Bury's talk

On October 26-27 we were happy to have a visit from Sophie Bury, from York University in Canada. Whilst she was here she gave a talk based on her research, for our Centre for Information Literacy Research: An Investigation of the Information Literacy Instruction Practices, Attitudes, and Knowledge of University Faculty: Results of a Web-based Survey at York University, Canada . The presentation, and the audio of the talk and subsequent discussion, have now been uploaded.
You can find an account of her visit on Sophie's blog at and the slideshow and the audio can be downloaded from
This is the abstract of her talk: "This presentation provides an overview of key findings and recommendations of a survey of full-time faculty at York University, which investigated their information literacy instruction practices, attitudes, and knowledge. The session examines the extent to which the findings of this study either corroborate or differ from results of similar studies uncovered by a recent review of the LIS literature. Findings regarding faculty perceptions of the importance of information literacy instruction, and of information literacy competency levels among students are discussed. Data regarding levels of faculty engagement in teaching information literacy competencies, either by themselves or in collaboration with a librarian, are also shared. Findings are also highlighted regarding the nature of information literacy instruction typically incorporated within the classroom by faculty, as well as their general experiences and estimation of it. Results regarding faculty awareness of, and support for different formats and methods of instruction delivery are summarised. Based on these survey results, the researcher’s summary of implications for practice and research are shared."

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