Friday, December 11, 2009

Journal of Information Literacy

The Winter issue 2009 of the Journal of Information Literacy has been published.
Susie Andretta: The multifaceted nature of information literacy: solving the Rubik cube puzzle.
K. Stuart Ferguson: Information literacy and its relationship to knowledge management: A theoretical study
Andrew Whitworth: Teaching information literacy within a relational frame: the Media and Information Literacy course at Manchester
Audrey Marshall et al.: Information to fight the flab: findings from the Net.Weight Study
Christopher Guy Walker: Seeking Information: A study of the use and understanding of information by parents of young children
Jenny Foreman, Lesley Thomson: Government Information Literacy in the "century of information"
Nora Hegarty, Alan Carbery, Tina Hurley: Learning by Doing - Reactivating the Learning Support Programme at WIT Libraries
Peter Godwin: Information Literacy gets mobile in Vancouver
Picture by Sheila Webber: part of my installation of research quotations in Second Life

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