Monday, April 26, 2010


2 resources for "reusable" material on Information Literacy.:
The Information Literacy Reusable Learning Objects wiki is at - it was developed last year, but I don't think I blogged it. It includes links to freely accessible information literacy tutorials etc., is edited by Nancy Graham and arose from a session at the 2009 LILAC conference.
I have mentioned JORUM before, but it lists a good number of resources when you search under "information literacy" ("Jorum provides access to free learning and teaching resources, created and contributed by teaching staff from UK Further and Higher Education Institutions. Jorum offers two collections - JorumOpen and JorumUK, containing a wide variety of resources, including open educational resources that are freely available to all.")
Photo by Sheila Webber: Cherry blossom, my garden, April 2010

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Nicola said...

Just to add to Sheila's post - JorumOpen can indeed be accessed directly at - but if you need further information on JorumUK, and on Jorum as a whole, please visit the Jorum website: